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  After doing several training courses, I developed my own technique by mixing different massages. You will therefore enjoy a moment that is both invigorating and relaxing where I will vary the pressures by adapting to your sensitivity and the points of tension. 

  The Californian massage is a work on the sensitive and relational level. Based on touching techniques, it's an exercise on the sensitivity and reappropriation of his body.

  The Swedish massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, detoxifies the body and helps the body regain it natural balance. By alternating different gestures, it provides a great muscular relaxation: effleurages, kneading, frictions, percutions and vibrations.

  The Japanese facial and head massage Kobido refreshes the facial features, regenerates the tissues and gives radiance to the skin. It balances the nervous system and erases the effects of stress. It's a complete and refined technique.

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